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What is BilWrite and how can it help students?

BilWrite is a free service provided by the Faculty Academic English (FAE) Program of Bilkent University School of English Language. The service is open to all Bilkent undergraduate and graduate students who would like to receive help and feedback on their writing assignments (except for students in FAE courses).

Where is BilWrite?

The BilWrite office is in G 159.

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Writing a Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose (SOP) is your letter explaining why you want to study for a postgraduate course in a particular university, and why you think you would be a suitable person to study in that department and institution. Bilwrite offers occasional workshops on writing an SOP; we are also happy for students to bring their SOPs to a tutorial to discuss them. In the mean-time, here are some links to sites that may help you in writing your SOP.

Graduate School Statement (UC Berkeley)
Writing Your Personal Statement (Fulbright Commission)
Writing the Statement of Purpose (The Princeton Review)
Writing the Statement of Purpose (Berkeley Graduate Division)
How to Write a Great Statment of Purpose (Vince Gotera, University of Northern Iowa)

















































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Writing a Statement of Purpose