About BilWrite

What is BilWrite and how can it help students?

BilWrite is a free service provided by the Faculty Academic English (FAE) Program of Bilkent University School of English Language. The service is open to all Bilkent undergraduate and graduate students who would like to receive help and feedback on their writing assignments (except for students in FAE courses). We are sorry, but we can only offer services to current Bilkent students, not former students.

Where is BilWrite?

The BilWrite office is in G 159.

How does it work?

What happens during a consultation?

BilWrite consultants can . . .
BilWrite consultants do not . . .

























Visit Bilwrite

To schedule an appointment for a Bilwrite tutorial, check the timetable below. If a time-slot only shows the name of the instructor (e.g., "Robin:"), it is free; if it also shows a student's name (e.g., "Robin: Pelin"), then the time is taken. When you have chosen a free time-slot, email bilwrite@bilkent.edu.tr, saying the time you would like to come and the purpose of your visit (e.g., to check a statement of purpose).

Please try to schedule an appointment at least two weeks prior to the document submission due date to allow for revision of document(s) after the initial BilWrite consultation and any possible follow-up BilWrite visits. Please apply for an appointment at least 24 hours before the time you want to come.

Procedure During Online Teaching Period

The Bilwrite office is closed now that Bilkent has switched to online teaching. You will make an appointment as normal, then your teacher will invite you to a Zoom meeting just before the appointment starts. In other words, you will recieve two invitations: one confirming the appointment, then another inviting you to the Zoom meeting.

Before you come …

  1. Please have your documents double spaced for ease of reading.
  2. Please have the question/prompt for the work you want to look at. If it is an application (e.g., statement of purpose) please have any relevant materials from the place you are applying to.

















































Writing Resources

Advice on Writing


Citation Guides

Writing a Statement of Purpose